Anchors Away Summer Camp is a safe, fun, loving, summer camp experience where our campers can get anchored in the love of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Anchors Away is a summer camp ministry sponsored and run by Jackson Church. Each weekly program is designed to teach children in grades pre-K to 8 about a new and exciting topic in a safe and fun environment. Since each week focuses on a specific theme and is independent from the other, children can be signed up for only the weeks and topics that they are interested in. Each week of camp gives the children a chance to explore and grow deeper in their faith through devotions, fellowship, and bible time filled with bible stories, music, games, and activities. They also engage in camp activities including arts and crafts and recreation.

Why Away, not Aweigh?
Anchors Aweigh is what a captain calls out to pull up the anchor to set sail. Anchors Away is a play on that phrase, but instead of pulling up anchor, we are casting the anchor of our life to Jesus, the center of our lives. We have the opportunity to connect the anchor of our life to the things we most cherish. We are throwing our anchor to Jesus Christ and surrendering our lives to Him.

Safe Sanctuary Certified