Week 1 – Challenge Week

July 5th – 8th

At Challenge week your child can expect an action-packed week with games and competition. Throughout the week the children will be on teams as well as compete individually in many different games and activities. Campers will be taught what it means to show good sportsmanship snd how to support their teammates. They will get to play Olympic and “Minute to Win It” type games as well as fun obstacles and relays. The children will also have one day filled with water games and sports that will have the kids running around and getting wet.

Week 2 – Cooking Week

July 11th – 15th

Have your children ever watched food network and wanted to learn how to work in a kitchen? Do they love helping you out when you are cooking in the kitchen? Then cooking camp is the week for them! During cooking week your children will become sous chefs in the kitchen! They will get to learn how to make lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks. They will also get to taste their yummy creations. The children will also learn the importance of kitchen safety and how to properly use different utensils in the kitchen.  Throughout the week the children will be putting together a recipe book so that they can help you cook these yummy treats after camp is done.  On Friday the children will get to participate in the always exciting Anchors Away Cupcake Wars! Together with their fellow campers and the counselors, the children will be split into teams and faced with the challenge of creating a cupcake to wow the judges!

Week 3 – Drama Week

July 18th – 22nd

In this new dramatic camp, campers will be introduced to theater basics through games and activities. Campers will learn about skills including improv, pantomime, character development, and stage presence.  Campers will have the opportunity to learn about fun improv games where they will have to think quick on their feet to perform a scene.  They will also work with other campers to develop characters and perform short scenes.  Campers will also learn about different genres in theater and write their own skit to perform for each other at the end of the week.

Week 4 – Science Week

July 25th – 29th

Does your child want to be the next Bill Nye? Maybe they have always wanted to know the secrets of mad scientists. At science week your children will learn about many experiments. They will become scientists as they assist in numerous experiments throughout the week. Some experiments may teach them about crystals, while others will give them the chance to get their hands nice and slimy. Your children will be exposed to many different experiments and will be excited to learn and see what will happen throughout the week.