Week 1 – Slime Week

Does your child enjoy making slime, but you like to keep the mess out of the house? Then send them to slime week at Anchors Away! During this slimy week, the campers will get to experiment with all types of ingredients to create many types of slime.  They will make slime that is fluffy, slime that sparkles, and slime that they can even eat! They will even get to compete against one another to see who can create the best type of slime! 

Week 2 – Young Authors Week

During this brand new week of camp, campers will get to use their imaginations and write their own books to be published! They will also explore the types of genres and literacy and learn about key elements to write a good book.  The campers can choose to work together to develop their story or create one individually.  They will also have the opportunity to bring in their favorite stories to share with fellow campers!

Week 3 – Theater Week

During theater week children will be practicing throughout the week to put on their own show. The children will learn all about what goes on behind the scenes in order to put on a show. They will be introduced to acting, dancing, and singing through some favorite Broadway songs and scenes. They will also learn theater techniques such as improv and pantomime through fun theater games. The children will also have the opportunity in arts and crafts to have a hand in making props and sets for their show. On Friday the parents are invited to come see all the hard work their children put in to prepare their show as they perform all that they learned!   

Week 4 – Cooking Week

Have your children ever watched food network and wanted to learn how to work in a kitchen? Do they love helping you out when you are cooking in the kitchen? Then cooking camp is the week for them! During cooking week your children will become sous chefs in the kitchen! They will get to learn how to make lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks. They will also get to taste their yummy creations. The children will also learn the importance of kitchen safety and how to properly use different utensils in the kitchen.  Throughout the week the children will be putting together a recipe book so that they can help you cook these yummy treats after camp is done. On Friday the children will also get to participate in the always exciting Anchors Away Chopped Challenge! The children will work with each other and their counselors to put their skills to the test and wow the judges with their delicious creations! 

Week 5 – Board Game Bonanza Week

Requested by our campers last year, we are excited to introduce this new theme! During this exciting week, the campers will get to compete against one another all week long as they play all different types of board games! Campers can also bring in their favorite board games to share! They will also spend the week creating their own board game to be played.  They will have to write the rules, create the game pieces, and build the board game! At the end of the week the campers will all share their board games and take turns playing each other’s games!