Week 1 – Drama 101 Week

July 5th – 9th

In this new dramatic camp, campers will be introduced to theater basics through games and activities. Campers will learn about skills including improv, pantomime, character development, and stage presence.  Campers will have the opportunity to learn about fun improv games where they will have to think quick on their feet to perform a scene.  They will also work with other campers to develop characters and perform short scenes.  Campers will also learn about different genres in theater and write their own skit to perform for each other at the end of the week.

Week 2 – Let’s Get Crafty Week

July 12th – 16th

Do your children love arts and crafts? Do they love to get creative and make things using all different types of objects? Does your child love to get messy with paint, paper mache, and more? Then this is the week for them! During this week the children will be doing multi-step projects and will have the chance to work with all different types of craft items. While we normally do crafts every day at camp, this week will give the children an opportunity to do more detailed crafts that may take multiple days and steps to complete.  With different painting crafts, papier Mache, DIY projects, and more, the children will get the chance to use their creativity and put their own spin on all the different crafts and projects created throughout the week.

Week 3 – STEM and Slime, Oh My! Week

July 19th – 23rd

Do you have a child interested in coming up with ideas and putting them to the test? Maybe they enjoy thinking through problems and finding new solutions.  Or perhaps they just enjoy mixing things together and creating all types of slime. Well then this is the week for them!   During STEM week, the children will be working in teams to put their hypotheses to the test!  They will be participating in many activities that require critical thinking skills and teamwork as they use science to problem solve, design structures to hold the most weight, save an egg from breaking, put their cars and boats to the test, and many more! The campers will also have many opportunities throughout the week to try all different slimes including ones that are fluffy and some that are edible!

Week 4 – Cooking Challenge Week

July 26th – 30th

It is time to put our campers’ cooking skills to the test with Anchors Away’s Cooking Challenge Week.  During this week, our campers will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen as they face many different challenges.  Anchors Away will have their own versions of cooking games like “Cake Wars”, “Iron Chef”, “Chopped”, and more! With the help of their counselors they will have the opportunity to compete in these fun games throughout the week and see if they have what it takes to be the cooking challenge week champions! The other counselors at Anchors Away will be the judges for the week and will be testing and critiquing all the delicious creations throughout the week!