*children must be toilet trained

Week 1 – Dr. Seuss Week

July 9 – July 13
Is your child a fan of Dr. Seuss? Do they love hearing all the silly stories like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Horton Hears a Who”? Then they will love Dr. Seuss week! During this week the children will get to hear all of the hilarious, classic Dr. Seuss books. Their days will also be filled with Seussified things with crafts, snacks, games, and activities all based off these beloved books. For bible time during the week the children will be learning about stories from the bible that focus on trusting in God. They will hear about different people from the bible who learned to put their trust in God. They will also learn how this connects with their life as we talk about how God has a plan for each of us and if we put our trust in God, He will lead us in amazing ways.

Week 2 – Cooking Week

July 16 – July 20
Have your children ever watched food network and wanted to learn how to work in a kitchen? Do they love helping you out when you are cooking in the kitchen? Then cooking camp is the week for them! During cooking week your children will become sous chefs in the kitchen! They will get to learn how to make lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks. They will also get to taste their yummy creations. The children will also learn the importance of kitchen safety and how to properly use different utensils in the kitchen. Throughout the week the children will be putting together a recipe book so that they can help you cook these yummy treats after camp is done. During Bible time this week we will be celebrating Christmas in July. At Christmastime we often get caught up in the craziness of cookie baking, presents, and Santa, so during this week the children will learn all about the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.

Week 3 – Theater Week

July 23 – July 27
During theater week children will be practicing throughout the week to put on their own show. The children will learn all about what goes on behind the scenes in order to put on a show. They will be introduced to acting, dancing, and singing through some favorite Broadway songs and scenes. They will also learn theater techniques such as improv and pantomime through fun theater games. The children will also have the opportunity in arts and crafts to have a hand in making props and sets for their show. On Friday the parents are invited to come see all the hard work their children put in to prepare their show as they perform all that they learned!  Throughout the week our Bible stories will focus on Sermon on the Mount as we introduce the children to important passages in the bible that will serve as reminders for them of how loved they are and what their role is as young Christians.

Week 4 – Around the World Week

July 30 – August 3
During this adventurous week the children will have the opportunity to explore different cultures and countries through numerous activities. The children will learn about traditions of the cultures and more about important events in the countries. They will also explore the countries by making and trying new foods, playing games from different countries, and completing crafts inspired by the different countries. They also will learn about the music and dance from the different countries. As we “visit” the different countries throughout the week, the children will also get to fill in their own passports to document all the new places they learn about! The bible lessons this week will focus on living like Christ. The children will learn about the characteristics of Christ through his teachings and parables and will learn how they can live their lives like Christ.

Week 5 – Science Week

August 6 – August 10
Does your child want to be the next Bill Nye? Maybe they have always wanted to know the secrets of mad scientists. At science week your children will learn about many science experiments. They will become scientists as they assist in numerous science experiments throughout the week. Some experiments may teach them about crystals, while others will give them the chance to get their hands nice and slimy. Your children will be exposed to many different experiments and will be excited to learn and see what will happen throughout the week. The bible lessons this week will focus on the heroes of the Bible. The children will learn about different heroes who trusted and followed God such as Noah and Moses.