Note: All children must be toilet trained.

Week 1 – Cooking Week

July 5th – 8th

Has your child ever watched food network and wanted to learn how to work in a kitchen? Do they love helping you out when you are cooking in the kitchen? Then cooking camp is the week for them! During cooking week your children will become sous chefs in the kitchen! They will get to learn how to make lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks. They will also get to taste their yummy creations. The children will also learn the importance of kitchen safety and how to properly use different utensils in the kitchen.  Throughout the week the children will be putting together a recipe book so that they can help you cook these yummy treats when camp is over.  

Week 2 – Science Week

July 11th – 15th

Does your child want to be the next Bill Nye? Maybe they have always wanted to know the secrets of mad scientists. At science week your children will learn about many experiments. They will become scientists as they assist in numerous experiments throughout the week. Some experiments may teach them about crystals, while others will give them the chance to get their hands nice and slimy. Your children will have the opportunity to try different experiments and will be excited to learn and see what will happen throughout the week.

Week 3 – Holiday Fun Week

July 18th – 22nd

You may have heard of Christmas in July, but this year at Anchors Away we are celebrating five holidays in one week! Each day of camp the children will learn more about one holiday and will make crafts, eat snacks, and play games that have to do with the holiday of the day.  The five holidays we will be celebrating are Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Fourth of July! This week will be one big celebration that is sure to be a blast!

Week 4 – Disney Week

July 25th – 29th

In this magical week, campers will have fun doing all things Disney! The children will read stories about their favorite characters.  They will also make crafts inspired by their favorite movies and characters! The campers will have the opportunity to try recipes inspired by treats found in the movies. They will also play Disney games and listen to Disney music! This will be a Disney filled week that your kids are sure to love!